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Living Office is a more natural and desirable workplace
that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity,
and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

A space should be designed for the people who work in it.

Today’s offices need to put people in positions where they can succeed. They need to be places where people want to make meaningful contributions, where they feel valued, and have a clear purpose. A successful office connects people to their work and to each other. Workplaces should feel like a community worth belonging.

As a partner of Herman Miller, we subscribe to Herman Miller’s Living Office philosophy. We believe that your workplace should be designed based on the natural way that people work in your business. We believe the next big thing may not be for you. We work to create a workplace that is based on the company’s brand, purpose, and the way employees interact together. We work with your team to best understand who they are, how they work and where they are headed. This information guides our space planning and furniture selection. 


Make a Beautiful Mess

There is no such thing as a perfect office. Rather, a physical environment that anticipates, enables, embraces, and contains the chaos that people naturally occupy. 


Modes, Settings & Landscapes

Most workers today need places for quiet, communication, contemplation and collaboration in order to be most productive. These Modes of Work are the foundation of Living Office. Herman Miller has identified ten distinct ways in which the average worker naturally engages in the workplace. We take these modes of work and incorporate them into settings and landscapes. 

Each setting enables purpose, expresses character, or enhances the activities of work. It meets behavioral, cognitive and physical criteria of each mode. 

Space planning is most effective when it is mindful of the natural way that people work. We call this strategic placemaking - purposefully arranging settings within a Landscape (floor plate). We connect each area in such a way that they bring an organization’s unique strategy to life. Thus, creating a vibrant, productive Living Office.


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