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Create spaces that work for you.


Architecture & Design

The top architectural & design firms in the nation trust American Office. They choose to work with us because they know that we understand the design process and are committed to providing superior service.

Partnering with American Office

What should you expect when partnering with us?

Besides top-notch service, experienced professionals, and quality product, you can expect that we will:

  • Respect your design intent
  • Follow directions
  • Contact the client as you instruct
  • Have a wide range of high quality product solutions
  • Provide product knowledge
  • Partner with the appropriate experts
  • Respond to requests promptly
  • Meet deadlines
  • Solve problems immediately
  • Execute plans to your satisfaction

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Your business environment is our passion.

Office design must be considered as part of your strategy for growth. American Office helps companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations furnish and design their workplaces. Successful companies view office furniture as an investment and as an opportunity to shape the workplace into a tool that enhances performance.

 When building your office today, you must plan for tomorrow.  Our office furniture professionals understand the balance between function, aesthetics and cost. We work to create environments that improve the bottom line, not simply consider it as part of the budget.

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Yesterday’s facilities won’t work for tomorrow’s students.

Schools are building for engagement. Space must be nimble and dynamic flexing to support and serve as student centers, stages, lecture halls and classrooms - sometimes all at once.  Technology, collaboration and innovation are converging at the heart of every campus.  The future depends on the entrepreneurs of the classroom. American Office works to support those who are defining new ways to teach, work and appeal to the next generation of leaders. Our responsibility is to help shape the physical experience - from cutting edge centers of research to furnishing playful learning hubs.  Our goal is to achieve your academic mission through space. Creating thriving educational spaces that inspire staff and students to reach for tomorrow. American Office works with a wide range of educational clients from colleges and universities to charter schools and adult learning organizations.

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Modern office solutions for a modern government.

American Office works with federal, state and local government agencies to furnish a variety of spaces.  We create strategic facility plans that streamline the process so agencies get the most out of their budget.  We offer turnkey service and a wide range of purchasing vehicles from the GSA schedule to specialized contracts for community groups, such as US Communities and National IPA.

 We don’t just sell furniture. We solve problems.  We make real estate work harder -- building for efficiency, integrating technology and fitting more workers into less space.  We help you navigate complex procurement by offering multiple purchasing vehicles that save you time and money.  Every solution we propose is turnkey – space planning, procurement, project management, installation and maintenance.

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Creating healthy environments for healthcare professionals.

American Office professionals understand the healthcare industry and, with 25 years of experience, utilize thoughtful design and innovative technologies to accommodate its demanding and fast paced nature. We design spaces that are organized, efficient and adaptable to changing needs.  

Healthcare professionals are increasing performance, maximizing efficiency and improving patient care through their investment in workplace design. American Office approaches healthcare environments with ergonomic, versatile furnishings for both the patient and the caregiver We develop integrated solutions to accommodate all areas of today’s changing healthcare environment.

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Real Estate

American Office makes the space planning, furniture design, selection and installation process seamless. We understand how to deliver results that are not only economical, but timely. Our warehouse selection allows us to provide the highest quality of furniture for your clients and deliver it on a budget. When your clients have a successful experience on all aspects of the transaction, it makes them much more likely to utilize your real estate services in the future and to make referrals on your behalf to other businesses. Since brokerage is a relationship business, this can make all of the difference.

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Large corporation, start-up or agency, your space matters.  Our style matches yours – trendy, transitional, classic or contemporary. American Office dedicated specialists understand your industry. In-house project designers, project managers and customer service representatives work to offer comprehensive service to meet the demands of your specific needs.    


Planning & Procurement

  • Specification
  • Design & Space Planning
  • Order Management

Installation & Repair

  • Project Management
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Warranty Repair
  • Refurbishing & Refinishing Services
  • Product Adjustments

Workplace Services

  • Standards Program
  • Ergonomic Training
  • Workplace Consulting
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Churn & Box Move Assistance
  • Post-Life Furniture Brokering