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Discover the power of space.

Discover the power of space through collaborative design, furniture and technology.


From the boardroom to the backroom and everything in between – we have a solution for every business type and need. American Office is a Herman Miller dealer and represents over 300 lines of commercial quality furnishings and speciality equipment.

Architectural Walls
Architectural Walls create elegant division. Dozens of options for customization, walls can be simple and understated or have an eye-catching design. American Office with clients, architects and General Contractors to specify, procure and install architectural walls.

Collaborative Technology
You have the furniture – now make the most of it with technology products that encourage engagement. American Office offers non-integrated, affordable technology solutions to our customers to augment collaboration in their spaces.

Herman Miller is the leading provider of thoughtfully designed interior products for places where people work, heal, learn, and live. It is at the forefront of design — inventing dozens of award winning products such as Action Office, the iconic Aeron Chair, and its famous collection.

American Office became Herman Miller’s dealer partner in the 1960s. Our relationship has blossomed over the last fifty years to become one of the largest Herman Miller dealers in the world. We share our knowledge of planning, building, and managing workplaces to help you create a better landscape.

American Office is a founding member of the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network (HMCN). This network membership means we are part of an elite group of dealers who have passed Herman Miller’s rigorous standards for installation, operation, and customer service excellence. As part of our membership, our installation team is factory-trained to install their products. There are dealers in 100 cities worldwide who belong to the HMCN. This means we are able to provide your company with the same exceptional service anywhere your business takes you.


Herman Miller


Architectural Walls

Today’s workplace needs to mirror the way we work - agile, technology-focused and performance driven. It needs to expand, contract and change on demand. Architectural Walls are designed to make your real estate work harder. They are scalable, moveable and more sustainable than traditional dry wall. These modern, elegant alternatives deliver excellent return on investment.

Give yourself control over your space – design, aesthetic and movement. Architectural walls are ideal for a leased space. They allow both the owner and tenant to adapt the interior without compromising the integrity of the base structure.

Architectural Walls create elegant division. With dozens of options for customization, walls can be simple and understated or have an eye-catching design. Frosting and textured designs can add visual privacy. Additional material selections raise the level of acoustics and sound buffering. Technology such as data and power access, smart boards, or monitors can be built into these partitions for full integration.


Unitized Panels
These panels are fully assembled at the factory and install quickly. This process reduces cost and allows for easier reconfiguration.

Stick Built
Built-to-order panels are assembled in the field to give a custom look.

Every office needs a door whether it is sliding, hinged, or telescoping. Doors can be customized with glass, wood, veneer, or painted solid.

Architectural Tiles
Like workstations, walls can add tiles for additional capabilities. Tiles can include tack boards, whiteboards, veneer and painted.

Glass is the traditional, sleek looking wall product. It can be customized in tempered (safety) glass, laminate, patterned, back painted (stained glass) or make it personal with custom glass. *not all finishes apply to all manufacturers

Advancing workspace design through innovative technology.

Collaboration spaces are more than chairs and tables.  It’s the innovation hub of your business.  American Office helps our customers augment  shared spaces by matching each venue with collaborative technology hardware.  Matching how you work with the right products blend the virtual with the physical. American Office can work with your company and our Enterprise Consultants to choose the right hardware for your space.

Featured Offerings:


ClickShare is Barco’s optimized wireless collaboration system that allows any meeting participant to share presentation content on a central meeting room screen at the click of a button. Compatible with all devices (PC, MAC, iOS and Android), ClickShare enables view for up to four screens simultaneously.




COLLAB8 converts any projector or screen into a networked appliance enabling up to six users to connect to the shared display and interact with one another using their own devices (PC, MAC, Tablet or smartphone). Wirelessly and independent of adapters, cables, wires and compatibility peripherals, COLLAB8 allows for live annotation, editing, highlighting and more throughout a meeting.


American Office represents select technology hardware products that enhance our collaborative furnishings.  ClickShare by Barco is an interactive tool that allows multiple users to collaborate on one screen – wherever they may be. Whether plugged in utilizing a wireless remote or through an iPhone App, this product can help virtual teams better connect and share. Another hardware, Collab8 by WowVision is an enterprise grade collaboration solution for teams to create, share and manage innovation. We also partner with an Enterprise Technology consultant to help our clients fully realize their technology capabilities.


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